Sunday, November 2, 2014


Since my summer road trip with my Sister and JEH, I've been listening to books.  Audible allows me to use my iPhone which is great to plug into the Grandmothermobile.  AND ... I can put in my earbuds and put the phone in my pocket and do household chores!  My oh my can I get a lot done when my mind is occupied.

I'm now listening to Bossypants by Tina Fey.  Narrated by Tina Fey!  Books are always better when read by the author.  They know exactly where to pause or what to emphasize.  Her book is HYSTERICAL!  After dropping off my little firefighter back at his parents, I was listening for the 10 minutes on the way home.  I laughed out loud!  Alone in a car!!  It's getting harder and harder for me to turn it off.

There are some pros and cons to Audible books.  You can choose whether you think any of these are pros or cons!  Addictive. Can't hear people knock at the door.  People may wonder about my laughing or crying with no visible clues that I'm listening to a book.  Some books are free from the library but often I hate to wait.  It's a little cumbersome to load but I guess I better get back at it.  I've been spending $15/month to have a good time!

P.S.  I'm naming my Taj Mahal of a vehicle Louise.  Because the new travel trailer in Seattle has been named Thelma.  I'm going to follow them around next summer ....


  1. I used to listen to books on tape when I plowed snow. They are a great way to pass the time.

  2. My whole house got cleaned today! And then GOOD NEWS! The kids are coming over to move out the excess STUFF into a storage unit! Serenity arrives ....

  3. I love I have vision issues and they've saved me. I haven't read Bossypants yet, but will get it. You might like some of Nora Ephron's books, especially the ones she narrated. I've only read I Feel Bad About My Neck and I Remember Nothing. I enjoyed both, especially while sitting in waiting rooms.