Saturday, January 4, 2014


I need to rearrange the cabinets in the garage.  

A tall cabinet is in front of the outlet that has a GFI.  It rained on my outdoor Christmas lights which triggered it to turn off and after a bit of hunting around, M'Linda helped me empty the cabinet and scoot it away from the wall so I could press "reset" and we put the cabinet back.  And it rained again.  I can't do anything without another set of muscles (hee hee, my sister is arriving on Monday!)

While I was starting my organizing, I came across a few items from our local hardware store that had not been opened.  I decided I would probably not ever use any of them, so I took them back.  Since I didn't have the receipt, I got store credit but gosh I go there pretty often (when I'm too lazy to go to Home Depot which is 10 miles away and so HUGE!)

Next I found a few things from Walmart WITH the receipts attached and off I went to get more money refunded onto my credit card.  I ended my day taking the recycling and I donated my refundable amount to charity.

All in all, almost $100 was back in my pocket.  I'm getting on a roll here!!!


  1. Good for you! I used to be bad about returning things that didn't work out but I've gotten really good at it for this past year. I know throw all receipts in a box and that has come in handy a few times.

    1. I need to keep receipts in an envelope by month .... as I used to. Hope my garage will look similar to the above photo ... but at least I do park my car in there!