Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I was trying to wait until February to tell you about another favorite iPhone app. 

But today I am sitting here with my best friend (laptop) learning about this and that, browsing for a new headboard for the Portland condo (have NEVER had a headboard ... until Maui) and ideas for giving the condo a bit of new personality.  I know I can't complain about the weather in Maui ... but it is cool, grey, rainy and WINDY again today, so I'm spending more time with my best friend.

There really IS an app for everything.  Just for fun I searched for grief apps.  YEP.  There are a few!  Some seem rather hokey to me ...  4beloved1 is a free virtual candle.  It's free but I decided not to download.

Heal Grief is another free app.  You can write notes or letters to your loved one when you have the urge.  When something like a sight or scent brings you a happy memory.  I usually talk to Mr. Ralph out loud (don't worry, only when I'm alone!) to tell him how and why this reminds me of him.

Memory is Life again is a free one.  Maybe they don't want me to post memories on Facebook or my blog ... maybe this is a place where people can come see what I've posted about grief ONLY if they register at the site.  Nope.  This one is not for me.

The last one I found was Daytime Affirmations for $4.99.  Apparently they will send me a daily uplifting little quote to help ease my journey, whether a death or any other sad event.

My Awkward Widow blog is doing it for me.  It is nice to know we have resources everywhere.  My Maui Hospice posted a reminder that they have a lending library (which I shared with my Facebook friends).  And I have to say reading other widow blogs has been my best resource.

Thanks for helping me cope with my grief ... in a high tech way.

P.S.  Tricked you!  I didn't spill the beans on one of my favorite apps!  Waiting for February .....


  1. Ah, talk about leaving a cliff hanger! At Least February is isn't too far away. None of those grief apps would appeal to me either, but it's nice to know we aren't a forgotten segment of the population with the tech people. (How on earth do they build apps? It can't be hard judging by how many are out there.)

    I don't have a headboard either. I have five picture frames in a straight row above the bed that acts as a headboard and inside the frames is a simple quilted fabric that I bought by the yard. I like that I can change out the fabric on a whim for under twenty bucks and add a whole new look to the room.

  2. I may have to show you the coolest headboard ... and it's even affordable. SOOOO high tech. Fake leather. A pull down shelf in the middle. A swing up light above that. And arm rests!!!

  3. Wow, you'll never want to leave the bedroom.

    1. Have you ever seen a bio ethanal fire place? I'm even thinking about hanging one on the wall in the bedroom. Total serenity!