Wednesday, January 8, 2014


In the midst of all the frugal cost cutting, I decided to open a new credit card to reap Alaska Air miles.

They are now the only airline that flies nonstop Portland to Maui.  My other credit card is Hawaiian Air but they discontinued their nonstop.  They offer a way more comfortable flight but it's annoying to fly 30 minutes to Honolulu then wait for an hour or two to get on another airplane.  Call me lazy in my old age.  It's not that I don't have more time these days but since I don't knit, it doesn't seem like productive time to me.  (And they don't have free wifi.)

I also have American Express as my Costco card which gives money back every year.  Somehow the idea of a free flight is more appealing to me than the cash.  Mostly likely I will keep all three cards open but mainly use Alaska.

You know how much I love my technology.  I always ask people their favorite apps.  I thought I'd share one each month that you might be interested in.  For January ... it's  An online, all inclusive financial information program.  Maybe it's a little risky giving this company your banking information AND your password, but gosh does it save a lot of time by immediately posting every credit card charge or portfolio activity and offers a bottom line net worth on a daily basis. makes my life even easier.


  1. I'll be looking forward to your apps reviews! The Mint apps was named the best financial app by PC Magazine, so you aren't alone in liking it.

    Can you even have knitting needles on airplanes now?

    1. Geez! Maybe we are not allowed to having knitting needles. Especially since we certainly look like little old lady TERRORISTs.

      Share some of your apps that you like?????