Sunday, September 20, 2015


I'm guessing I just slept the day away.  Saltines and ginger ale.  Naps.  And Oxy-whatever it is called.

The good news is that I am writing everything down.  I set my iphone alarm for every three hours at night.  I see a paper showing when I took meds on Sat and started one for today, Sunday!  Otherwise, I don't think I would have a clue.

No appetite, that's for sure.  Now for the pain to subside so I can start walking!


  1. Did your doctor order you a perpetual motion machine? It's a machine that keeps your leg/knee moving while you lay down. Some doctors do, others don't. Mine did and I had to use it six-eight hours a day for the first few weeks. I actually think that is one reasons why I didn't have much pain, moving the new joint the way it did.

    Sounds like you're taking good care of yourself!

  2. Oxycodone! Best stuff ever invented. Mine was called Percocet--within a few minutes, I could feel the pain melting away. Are you have in home PT to being with? Did you have to take Heperin shots in your tummy so you wouldn't get a blood clot? I hated those the most of all the rest.

  3. I'd forgotten about the belly shots for knee surgery! I just finished up doing two years of belly shots for something else. You get used to them.