Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Yesterday I felt my own self return.  It honestly felt like a miracle.  FINALLY!

Pain is manageable (almost non existent) and my personality is making a comeback.  For the first time in almost two weeks, I put on makeup AND had a social evening including dinner with two gal pals.  Staying in the Guest Suite for a week or so longer will help me build a great foundation.  I can get up every hour and walk about the apartment.  Do my exercises whenever and wherever I want.  Hopefully I'll be back to regular old Gramma when I return to the condo.

Physical Therapist says I have a really great range of motion already and when the staples come out on Friday, things will move along even quicker.  Pretty sure I'll switch over to the cane for 90% of things.  Only use the walker for longer journeys.

I want to give special thank you for EVERY one who has encouraged me during this journey.  My sister, my sister in law and several cousins.  Good friends and fellow bloggers ... everyone who has been through this and shared their own trek.  Every word you gave me was an inspiration.



  1. So happy to hear you've made it through the worst. No high jumps yet, y'hear?

  2. That's a wonderful report! I'm happy things are on track to a great recovery. Getting rid of the walker was important to me, too. It was really frustrating for me. Make sure to "feel" both knees from time to time with your hands, looking for extra heat coming from the new one. I got an infection down inside several weeks out and needed different antibiotics.

  3. Isn't it wonderful when that feeling returns? We widows aren't made to wallow in our surgeries or our pain! Having surgery is a cinch after what we've been through. Anything is a cinch after that. I didn't have staples, I was "glued" shut--HAH. PT is really going to help from here on out. Soon, you will be "bounding down the stairs", like my other blogging buddy Ms. Graysea said she did today. A few months out from her knee replacement.

  4. When you wrote, "Hopefully I'll be back to regular old Gramma," I thought you said, "get back to my regular old grammar." I thought you meant that you'd been cursing a lot. :) I know I would if I'd gone through what you've been through.

    It's great to feel that old feeling when you've gone through an ordeal. I know you'll be happy when this is completely behind you.