Wednesday, September 9, 2015


While reading another blog for oldsters (about farting, no less), I learned of a new hip idea for Depends ... when that day comes (if it does).  I did buy some pads for night time after surgery ... in case I can't race down the hall ten feet and sit in time.

Confitex.  A New Zealand company ... and they just had the first Designer Incontinence Fashion Show.  Bladder issues are not just for the elderly.  Here's one photo from the show ...

And really ... I don't think I could/would wear these, leakage or not.  But maybe these:
They sure look more like undies than Depends do.  Mr. Ralph had to wear Depends for a few weeks and he hated them!  I did finally find some that looked like men's undies which seemed to help him.

The best part about these Confitex undies is that not only do they look real, they are washable and reusable.  Saving our landfills from adult diapers.  The key features and benefits of Confitex underwear include:

Anatomically designed
Environmentally friendly
Ultra fast absorbency
Moisture leak protection
Odor protection
Fast drying
Fully breathable
Chemical free
Ongoing absorbency

They come in two absorbency levels and lots of styles.  Men's also but I have mostly lady readers ...

Pricing is not too bad either!


  1. I hope I never need them, but I have to admit those aren't bad looking at all. Very much more sexy looking than what I wear now.

    1. WAY more sexy than I wear (Hanes 100% cotton granny panties).

  2. Just checked out their website and I'm impressed! But at first I was shocked at the $34 a pair price which is 3 times what I pay for underpants, but since a person wouldn't have to buy disposal pads anymore I suppose that isn't that bad. I might just order a pair to wear on senior hall bus trips. It would take the worry out of wondering if I'm going to be able to 'hold it' until we get to the bathrooms.

    1. I forget how much Depends were ... but not cheap!

  3. Oh My Gosh! These are beautiful!!
    Not too many years ago and you could tell, just by looking at the person, that they were wearing Depends. All that extra padding in the bottom area.

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