Monday, September 7, 2015


I'm breaking a current (soon to be changed) Condo HOA House Rule by putting up a bird feeder.  And a hummingbird feeder.  It has been worth it!  (The rule was instigated by the previous Board Chair as she is terrified of squirrels.)

Both little men love looking out the dining area window to see if birds are having their meal at the same time.  Braeden often takes his Poppa's huge binoculars outside to bird watch.  He has the sharpest eyes ever but he can spot a hawk or an eagle way up high with those binocs.

In the park where he had his summer camps, the City put up a huge platform near the top of a utility pole.  This spring, an eagle built a gigantic nest and Braeden spotted two babies within.  We watched in awe as the mother brought a fresh caught fish (the Willamette River is 2-3 blocks away) and ripped off little pieces for them to devour.  I guess it might take a thousand worms to feed one of these youngsters!

The hummingbirds are very brave and don't mind if we are sitting outside just six feet away.  The seed eaters are a little more wary of busy noisy boys.

The absolute best result of investing $20 outside in a little tree ... is Braeden running inside screeching "Gramma, Gramma!  Come see ... the most beautiful biwd EFFER!!"


  1. I've been wondering if condos had rules against bird feeders. When I get ready to buy one I guess it would be a good idea to read the condo rules before making an offer.

    Hummingbirds will come within inches of me. Scares the heck out of me! But they are so pretty.

    1. As important as looking at bylaws and rules (rules are not defendable in court unless 77% of owners approved them ... so be sure to ask) ... are meeting minutes! I skimmed the past two years worth and their newsletter to be sure an assessment was not in the near future. Some condos must disclose that fact ...