Tuesday, September 1, 2015


As I sit here in the library (had to print something and my printer will STILL not work at home!), I am in awe of my three hours at the hospital today.

What a well oiled machine this joint replacement team is.  I met with the hospital joint replacement coordinator and was pleased to learn I should have a pretty easy time because I am so healthy.  HA?  Me???  Only on two medications and no big medical issues (heart, diabetes, etc).  Someone popped in to draw blood and in 30 minutes we had the results.  Blood pressure a little high but she thinks hospitals do that to people!

Answered a million questions with the nurse practitioner who also thinks I'm doing pretty great for my age.  Really?  Most people my age that I know are not taking ANY medication.  Still need to lose weight but hopefully that will continue when I can actually walk without wincing.

I received packets of information with illustrations of exercises, a chart to fill out with measurements like height of my bed, car seat, favorite chair, bath tub, etc so they can recreate the exact heights for physical therapy.  It sounds like I will want to leave as soon as possible ... just to get some rest!  Occupational therapy (using potty, getting in and out of shower/car/bed/chair) and physical therapy begin two hours after surgery.

We get a super cool ice pack device called Aircast Knee Cryo/Cuff with Cooler.  You put in frozen bottles of water then add water.  It's a gravity fill and release system that velcros on instead of using a pack of frozen peas.

I get to sport thigh high compression stockings for six weeks but it sounds like only 2 weeks with the walker.  They talked me out of going to a rehab facility due to the amount of germs that hover around those places.  I'm used to the 40 or 50 varieties at my condo (all of which have remedies) but not the 200 in the hospital or rehab ... some of which may not be curable.  They predict only an overnight stay but asked insurance for two nights, just in case.

Now I'm trying to get our guest suite for a week or so just to be sure I don't step on an Army guy or Lego zombie or trip on the carpets on top of our laminate floors.  Got my potty booster seat and walker.  Now to move Mr. B back to his own room (I'm going to miss his little dinosaur nest) so I can have a chair in there as well as the bed.  

Stay tuned!  Surgery day is Thursday, Sept 17 at 9:30 ... taking less than two hours.  Physical with my primary care doc this Thursday, then pre-op with the surgeon (where I get to PRE PAY his fee ... ???).  Have my hair cut and color scheduled.  Now I have a bottle of special anti germ soap for shower the day before and the morning of surgery.

Interesting factoid ... my knees do not hurt!  Thought about postponing but everyone today said that feeling is very common ... brain is busy with so many other things it forgets to feel the hurt.

Who knew?


  1. I tell everyone that having my knees replaced was the best thing I ever did for myself.

    If you're open to suggestions, don't short change yourself on any exercises you're suppose to do BEFORE the surgery that are probably in your packet...like pushing yourself out of chairs without using your legs.They help a LOT to make your. Make sure to have a chair that you can use that has arms on it because getting in and out soft chairs will be hard for a while. And don't be alone for a the first five days as you'll be going through ice like crazy.

    I did not go to a rehab place afterwards either but I started physical therapy right away and you'll need rides for that. At home therapy sucks, in my opinion, because the therapy places have all those machines that make you work harder.

  2. Thigh high compression socks? For 6 weeks? That will be an experience you'll talk about for months. I'll be anxious to know how you get them on (and off) all by yourself. You don't need to go to rehab, is you aren't going home all alone. My neighbor Jackie came home on the third day, but she had grand daughter's that stayed with her, in shifts, for the first two weeks. Things can happen that you wouldn't want to try and handle all alone. I had to go to rehab with my last hip replacement because no one was here. It is almost impossible to get in and out of bed with no help, PLUS, with hip surgery, you can't bend over for 6 weeks. Anyway--you will do just fine!!!!! However, now I am wondering why your health insurance isn't paying for all of it, including doctor's fees?