Thursday, September 10, 2015


Sometimes serendipity steps into your life.  I just love it!

I stopped to get my sick neighbor some soup and ran into my former neighbor, Jody, who is the wine steward at that store.  She took ten minutes to sit and chat (I offered her food!).  Then she invited me to a BBQ at their house ... mainly a reunion of pals she met on a recent trip to Machu Picchu. One lady who lives in Australia came to Oregon for her first trip to the USA.  Three of her tour mates live here in Portland.

What a motley crew we were!  Four of the attendees are wine clients ... one lady has followed her from store to store to store!  (She worked for a chain and continually moved up).  I followed her also but we have a friendship first and then I'm a wine slave.  It was mostly single women, one single guy and one other couple.  The weather cooperated so we got to eat outdoors.  Kerry, Jody's husband is a trained chef and we each brought appetizer or salad.  Everything was amazing!  (Sorry Weight Watchers ....)

Margi and I were the first ones there so of course we started chatting.  Her trip to Peru was her first experience traveling out of the country on her own.  They all bonded beyond belief and keep in touch with email and Facebook.  Strong, independent ladies all around my age.  I had to sit a lot and she kept me company.  She is staying at the host's house for three days (after spending three days with the other female tour mate's) and I asked Jody if she would like me to give Margi a ride to the airport....because she works.

So, on Wednesday I picked her up and showed her my little town.  We had coffee (and yes, I had a little pastry!) then drove her the half hour to our airport.  I think she just might visit me in Maui!


  1. I so love Serendipity!!! It brings such good things into our life.

  2. I have a feeling you make your own serendipity meaning it may have been serendipity that you ran into Jody BUT it's your personality (chatiness for lack of a better word) that makes a chance meeting turn into something so much more.

    1. Actually, Margi was more chatty than I was! It was a very easy friendship! Jody, my former neighbor, is also chatty which is how I met her new friends!