Sunday, September 6, 2015


I'm glad I joined Weight Watchers again.

Honestly, I didn't realize how hard it would be to have solitary meals.  It's not as much fun cooking for one although I'm making more of an effort.  I've been spoiled living here with the kidults as Jesse LOVES to cook.  I usually have a little bit of whatever they are having, accompanied by a BIG salad. Slowly but surely I'm adding more fresh vegetables and fruits to my life.

I hope once my knee is my own, I can walk and ride my bike in Maui.  It's a great flat area in my little town with a dedicated one mile bike path next to my neighborhood.  The main street also has a bike lane ... once I get over my fear of cars buzzing past me.

Exercise allows WW's to have another bite of something AND helps the weight drop.  I'm looking forward to losing a bit faster for sure.  I know every ounce helps but ....

Maybe I need to spend some time making my own "cookbook" of meals for a week or two.  Buy ingredients that I can use in a dish the next day or the day after.  Leftover bits and pieces seem to get wasted.  But maybe if there was a PLAN!?  I looked into Blue Apron (they do not deliver in Maui yet) but I'm thinking I could do something similar for myself!  

If you haven't heard of them, they ship you all the ingredients (and herbs and spices) to make awesome recipes.  It's $10 per meal per person, for one or two.  Which sounds expensive but if your choice is going out for dinner or staying in and cooking quick ... it's about the same.

Isn't it amazing the jobs we can think up for ourselves??  


  1. I didn't realize Blue Apron meals were that affordable! I'm tempted to try them. There is a company called Graze that does shipping of healthy snacks in serving sizes.

  2. My son and DIL use Blue Apron or something like it. I'm not sure which one, but they get all the ingredients and directions on how to make it. I didn't think the price was bad either.

    Adding fruits and veggies to your diet is always a good thing. I'm a fruit lover. My husband likes fruit, but I think he just doesn't think about eating it. I find that when I put a bowl of it on the kitchen counter, he tends to eat more of it.