Friday, September 11, 2015


We've been going to Weight Watchers for two months.  Mostly tiny little weight losses, an occasional gain.  Each week is a small victory for just me!  This is something I am doing for myself.  To keep my health stats at appropriate levels without need for medication.

Today I had a pre-op appointment with the surgeon (who just turned 13, I think).  He introduced me to my new knee.  IT IS HUGE!  It weighs over a pound!
Who knew?  I sure hope my WW Leader understands if my weight remains the same for a week!


  1. Wait until you go to the airport the next time. LOL Be sure to get the card they give you explaining your knee. I guess the airport people don't care about the cards but it makes you feel better to have it with you when you set off the metal detectives.

    1. No one has ever asked if you had proof? Do we really look like little old ladies who have bionic parts??? Wait til I show them my new "depends" HA!