Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Being back in Oregon has been eye opening for me.  I have so many more circles of friends here.   And it seems easier to make new friends.  Of course, our terrific summer weather this year has been a big bonus.  We have had more 90+ days this summer than ever recorded.  Third warmest summer on record.  I've been in the pool more than I can ever remember.

I've made better friendships with several residents of our condo complex.  Maybe because they are also single ladies ... some my age, most are a bit older.  I'm impressed with what I am learning from each of them.  I've rekindled friends from my old neighborhood and enjoy the family who bought our home.

In a few instances, some friendships have not worked out as well.  These ladies do not light my path ... rather put up obstacles and darkness with their constant negativity.   Luckily, I have learned that being close friends with them just isn't working for me and I am blessed with the ability to keep my distance.  But still be friendly.  

Having the grandbabies keeps me young and tuned in with interests of almost four year olds.  He is such a hoot!  His parents converted his IKEA bed into a bunkbed and he is so proud.  "Wanna check it out Gramma?"

I am surrounded by light!


  1. Do you think you're close to selling your place in Maui? Or do you need to spend a winter where you're at first to decide?

    Finding friends as a widow has been a huge challenge for me and I really admire how well you've done in that department. I've got lots of pleasant acquaintances but no one, yet, that I feel like I can call a friend yet.

  2. I have a feeling you are a light yourself, and like attracts like. And I'll bet you have a PhD in social skills, being kind and gracious even when you want someone to vamoose. Aah, rub off on me!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Jean. Are you considering selling your Maui home? It sounds like you're pretty happy in Oregon. You're right about being around people who are upbeat. It makes a world of difference. Community is everything... well, a lot.

    I find the weather reports from my blog buddies around the country interesting this year. It's warmer than usual in some places and colder than usual in others. Our summer has been cooler, dryer and with lower humidity than usual. It's been so beautiful and we've really enjoyed it. We usually have hot, super-humid days that you wish you could ring out like a wash cloth.

  4. Of course, I would prefer to have the best of both worlds! The grey and rainy winters/springs are very depressing, although my best Maui friends are probably moving to Cincinnati after the birth of their FIRST grandchild. I'm just going to play it by ear. THAT is the biggest asset and it has already increased in value in just five years.

    I can't even imagine getting rid of everything to sell the house there! I think I'll find a realtor who will sell it furnished! When that day comes.