Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Finally.  I signed up for two classes organized by my adult center that involve moving my body.  Too bad they are on the same day!

Walk with Ease is the Arthritis Foundation guideline for staying active with bad knees and bad hips.  Unfortunately, I think they are going to say even though it hurts, just do it.  I did some walking while my sister was visiting and even though there was pain involved, it didn't seem worse with the activity.  The Dr. husband said walking will not hasten the arthritis in my knees so there goes that excuse.  I live in a very very walkable area of this suburb, which is why we chose the condo.  Everything we would ever need is within one mile of home.  Library, two grocery stores, banks, post office, 15+ restaurants,  hardware store, two consignment clothing stores, small movie theater, live theater, doctors, dentists and several chi chi shops (where I do a lot of looking, but no buying).
The class meets at 8am (?!) and lasts until 9:15.  A 15 minute drive to another location for beginning Tai Chi that starts at 10:15 and goes for an hour.  I'm looking forward to stretching and breathing on purpose  without getting on the floor like yoga (I'm just not there yet).  Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I made a commitment!

To celebrate this new exercise regimen ... I'm also going to cultivate my creative side (pretty much non-existent) by taking an introduction to water colors.  Oils are probably more forgiving but more expensive and scary to do at home (I'm hoping water colors don't permanently stain ....)


  1. You will love your classes but I couldn't do them so early in the morning!

  2. I sure didn't want to go that early. But twice a week I can suffer through (I hope). Wish me luck!

  3. The company will probably feel good even if the knees don't. No moss growing between YOUR toes. LOL

    1. My biggest concern is getting some COFFEE in between classes!! I know I won't get up in time to have some ....