Thursday, August 14, 2014


Ooops!  Sorry I haven't written for a while.  Having my sister here for a visit is keeping me busy doing many things.

Monday we left Portland (after feeding Eli's chicken and watering his plants) and headed over to the Pacific Ocean to take the scenic route up to Whidbey Island, skipping Seattle and their traffic.

Unfortunately, Hwy 26 was stopped for over an hour while working on a bridge.  Good thing husband Jonathan brought audible books which helped pass the time.  We toodled along, stopping in Seaside for lunch and a walk about.  We made it as far as Aberdeen and as luck would have it ... a great Bed and Breakfast!

Not so early Tuesday, after a gourmet breakfast, we meandered through the Olympic National forest stopping in Forks, WA (where Twilight movies were filmed) arriving in time to take the 6:30 ferry from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island.

Upon arrival, the Navy air force began to practice, with the loud rolling thunder of "the sound of freedom" as the local call these maneuvers.  We started our 1,000 piece puzzle after a late and great dinner.  With earplugs at the ready, we enjoyed a pleasant sleep .... starting at 1:00 am.  When the maneuvers stopped.  But it was cool and foggy and just right for pleasant dreams!


  1. What a great vacation you've had! It all sounds so lovely, especially the seaside meal and walk-about. Is that you and your sister in the photo?

    1. Yes, my sister is acting the vampire. We have eaten SOOOO many wonderful meals. At home and out. I love that they enjoy sharing or family style, so we all get tastes of everything. One person orders a salad and I always order something bad (french fries!) but going three ways is not as bad.

      Can't wait for tomorrow's blog about yesterday! Blue heron, eagles (yes, plural), baby eagle in a nest, dear, rabbits, and an owl!