Monday, August 25, 2014


I'm beginning to see that maybe some older people do not like change.

Our condo complex decided to change the locks on our clubhouse and pool area.  Apparently people who no longer live here return in the summer to use the pool.  Or owners had their "do not duplicate" keys duplicated and share with their kids and grandkids.  Many of these "guests" apparently are unable to read and therefore prop open the pool gates so anyone can come in, bring in food as well as glass containers and alcohol.

Personally, I am comfortable having a conversation with someone I do not recognize.  More often than not, they ARE residents ... from buildings on the far side of the complex whom I just have not met yet.  Sometimes they are from the apartment complex across the street (who have their own indoor AND outdoor pools).  

Since I'm at the pool lots more this summer, with and without Braeden and kids, I've been stopping a lot of people who want to borrow our amenities.  I've removed the rock or brick propping open the door.  Once, as I was doing this, someone shouted my name saying "JB, that's my brick, don't move it."  I continued moving it then came in for a friendly chat.  Believe it or not, the Owner was a past Board chairperson and an attorney!  She had brought her caregiver who brought her daughter and the two grandkids over to swim.  Grandma brought snacks for the youngsters in glass containers.  

I reminded the Owner about State laws for keeping the gates locked at all times.  Then I said the glassware and the food had to go.  Grandma was indignant ... how will I feed the children?  Just outside our gated pool area is a picnic table with gazebo as well as a 30x30 foot covered patio!  The Owner lives about 50 paces and has a patio ... and I even suggested they could use my patio (I'm about 50 paces as well).  

The lock change was announced at our Annual Meeting (which was lightly attended) and I was volunteered to hand out the remaining keys.  Everyone was emailed a notice with my name, email and phone number to contact me.  95% of the people have called or emailed and we've arranged a time to drop by and sign the papers and the pool rules (oh, I didn't know we couldn't have a big family reunion and have 20 kids swimming).  The keys can NOT be duplicated at Home Depot or other retail outlets.  Only our keymaker can make one.  Replacements will need two Board member authorizing signatures and cost $100.

Some people are upset that they can't just stop by and get one.  Which of course, they can ... if I'm at home!  One guy wants me to mail him a key even though he walked between my building and the pool grumbling about whose bright idea the whole key thing was.  One Iranian lady wants keys for all her grandkids so they can use the pool even when she is not here (one is 12 and cannot swim ... and they let her go by herself)

Mostly my neighbors are grumpy because they just don't want new locks.


  1. If I lived there I'd be happy they are trying to get some control over who comes and goes from pool. And if people are too stupid to understand a rule about not having glass cups, plates and drinking ware around a pool where people are barefoot then they deserve to be treated like children with a list of rules. Using a brick or stone to keep a gate open? That's just inviting a crime or putting children's safety at risk.

  2. Some people are in their own little bubble. They want what they want. It also amazes me how some people treat volunteers... who are not paid to take their guff.