Sunday, August 3, 2014


My baby sister arrives today for TWO WEEKS!  She is my only sister and eight years younger.  She is my best friend!  Despite knowing all my ups and downs, she still likes me.  

She and Mr. Ralph got off to a rocky start (she was concerned about our age difference down the line) but gosh did she go into overdrive when he started dying.  We planned a trip to Scotland via Road Scholars (her idea!) because that was the one country Mr. Ralph never visited ... and it's his mother land!  But (fortunately?) I decided not to commit since his cancer was not under control.

Her hubby is a doctor with conferences and symposiums all over the world.  They always came to any in Hawaii so they could swing over for a visit.  When they came in February 2013 and saw for themselves how much he had deteriorated, she rounded up her son and daughter and they all came back for a last visit in March of that year.  She came early and cooked and gave me some hours off.  They finally bonded!  (Did I mention Mr. Ralph could really hold a grudge??)

She returned again to make sure I had not fallen too deeply into the grieving hole.  And here she comes again!  Hopefully this time will be more fun for her.  It's just the two of us until Fri when the Doctor arrives and they are taking the weekend off to visit friends a few hours from here.  Upon their return, we drive 7 hours to Whidbey Island for some great R&R.  

They are very active and physically fit (and uber healthy eaters) but I know they will understand my limitations.  She is choosing an audible book for the ride up and I have one for myself for the ride home (I'm dropping them off at Seattle airport).

In the meantime ... we'll be having fun!

Photo taken on our three week bicentennial road trip 
across the country, 1976


  1. You two were hot babes back in the day!

    I hope you guys have some fun while your family is here. You deserve some R & R.

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  2. I hope you're having a blast. Jean is right. You guys were hotties.