Saturday, August 2, 2014


Mr. Braeden is currently my main man.  I'm grateful Kate and Jesse let him spend the night here once a week.  Of course, I bribe them all to come over and swim, then dinner (last night we ordered pizza!).

Their schedule is different from mine, so I asked if we could skip his nap (too late in the day for MY agenda) and he went to sleep about 11pm.  That way I can get up and have the essential cup of coffee before the talking begins.  He joined me about 9:30.  He enjoyed a bowl of Cocoa Krispies (mini boxes on hand since I usually have Cheerios only).

Next we toddled over to the Clubhouse for Mug and Muffin Saturday (once a month).  He provided the entertainment (with dominoes and a matching game) while we residents discussed the Newsletter, our upcoming resealing and striping of the parking lot, the Farmer's Market, the Antique Faire at the Adult Center and so on.

Back home for "real" breakfast (to which he said "no tank yoo") but he ran in and got his stool because he wanted to cook.  He got to crack the eggs (shells provide fiber and nutrients), stab the yolks with a fork (saying Yah Yah with every death prick) then stirred in milk, salt and pepper.  He did allow me to cook them.  Once it was all arranged on MY plate, he decided to devoir the scrambled eggs along with most of the GF toast (to which he added honey because that is how Poppa always ate his toast).

Fortunately, he had a plan for the remaining crusts ... feed the doves!  He stood duty and chased away any crows (they are big enough to hunt their own food!).

Anyway, I'm always entranced with his imagination.  Now he is playing Legos.  I brought out a container of water (occupies him for hours in this nice warm weather).  He uses two cork coasters for "rafts" and an individual size Pringles container for a boat.  He always wants to raid the kitchen for even better toys ... measuring spoons, cups, plastic cups and bowls.  A wooden spoon to make waves.

Like my neighborhood, his Lego people get along pretty well together and help each other when one is drowning or being chased by bad guys.

I will never forget these Awkward Widow moments.

P.S.  Best tip ever ... use a white sheet or tablecloth when playing Legos.  Easy fold up clean up to dump back into toy bin!


  1. Sounds more like grandma moments that widow moments. You're building great memories for when he grows up and I'll bet your daughter and her guy love having more couple's time together too.

    That sheet idea is genius.

    1. Yes, it is more Grandma moments! Life is morphing for me. The kids get more BABY time!!! I don't have the energy to watch them both. Deacon is already scooting along ... at 5 months! I'm so out of shape I don't think I could pick him up off the floor!

  2. Kids love water, and isn't it funny how they like to pilfer little things from the kitchen. They like it better than new toys, and it takes so much more imagination. He is adorable.