Tuesday, August 5, 2014


First let me admit I am new (today) to this app for my iPhone.  My sister shared HER favorite app!  She learned about it from my fabulous tech nephew (her son), Isaac.  He is my biggest source for great apps (that even his old Auntie JB can use....)

Dark Sky.  A wonderful weather app!  I know, I know ... we get one included with our iPhone.  Dark Sky is an additional $3.00 but oh Nellie! (Braeden's favorite term these days!)  Dark sky does so much more.  You can add as many locations as you want (relatives, future vacation spot,  Devil's Triangle) and then check.  This app shows temperature, humidity, "feels like" temperature (for the wind chill or heat/humidity).  

You can also set the app to notify you when YOUR weather changes!  Mine is set to light rain ... if wherever I am (GPS activated) will start to rain, the app sends me a text message saying "light rain heading your way in 20 minutes."  So I will know if/when I should pop the umbrella into my purse.  Janet said this app is THE most accurate ever (and she has three!).

Right now Hurricane Iselle is heading towards Maui and it is predicted to be a doozy.  Today the NOAA weather has been downgraded her to merely a cyclone with LOTS and LOTS of rain.

Maui is the second island from the right.  Somehow a cyclone looks just as dangerous as a hurricane to me.


  1. I have a weather alert on my phone but not as good as this one looks. It sure helps when the power is out, I found that out last month.

  2. My sister also uses her local TV station that is great when she is in Louisville.

  3. What a handy app. Can you believe we live in a time when we can get an alert so we know we need an umbrella. :)