Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Fun employed!  That is just the PERFECT word for my life at this stage of the game.  Not employed.  Not unemployed.  FUNemployed!  I saw this word on a beach bag today while I was out searching for the perfect wallet purse.

My goal was to have a wallet on a string that would also hold my cell phone.  For those times when I don't want to lug my gramma purse that holds bandaids, Dum Dum lollipops (just the right size for a bribe or reward!), bug repellent, cosmetics, wet wipes, spare diaper, nail file, tooth floss, Alleve (for those pesky knees), matches, small flashlight, tissues, gum, bottle of water, etc.

And at Nordstrom Rack I found the answer!  Twelve slots for cards, two slots for bills, a bit of room in between.  Handy spot on the outside for the iPhone.  And a wristlet.  I had no idea they cost so much since I usually buy my accessories at Target or Walmart.  But I needed something other than plastic or nylon.  I had been looking a few weeks ago and lamenting to my kidlet about paying $60.  She scoffed and told me that was a good deal for the Coach wallet I was eyeing.  Of course, today it was long gone.  

Once I was sure I was going to take out the second mortgage, it looked pitiful being put inside my well worn nylon Ameribag.  Said kidlet has been trying to convince me that wearing the Ameribag across my body was not flattering.  (Even though if she or the babies need anything, she is thankful it's all in there somewhere.)

The Marc Jacobs black and grey leather tote with hot pink handles took my breath away.


  1. You will enjoy your stripped down wallet. I have one similar I use when I go on bus trips where I need to keep my hands free. (Mine has a long strap accessory that can turn the wallet into a tiny purse with its strap across my chest. I'll bet you could borrow a long strap off another purse if you need to be hands free. I need my hands free for getting in and out of the purses and if you need an umbrella.

  2. Hot pink handles? Go for it! Or did you buy the one in the photo?

    FUN employed. Me, too. Part time, anyway! I know a woman who calls herself a CEO - chief enjoyment officer.

  3. The photo is just the WALLET. The huge purse wouldn't cooperate for a photo shoot. I may get an organizer insert because everything is in just a huge space. Maybe today my kiddo can hold the purse so I can get a photo.

    I used to call myself the COE ... Chief of Everything!