Friday, July 4, 2014


I am making new memories.  And it's all about the little things.  A lot are based on my past.

My family lives in Ohio.  Once a year, I would pack up my kiddo and we would spend a week or two visiting.  We always stayed with my parents which is where one of my (and Kate's) fondest memory is.  Kate would go to bed before the adults (for the first few years anyway).  My Dad had a sweet tooth and after Kate had brushed her teeth and gotten all settled in ... he would bring her a cookie!  When they started going to bed before she did, Grandpa would wrap a cookie in a napkin and put it on her pillow.

I could have raised a big fuss about clean teeth and sugar and processed food, but what a little bond she had with her Grandpa.  She thought it was such a fun "secret" between them.  I'm not sure she still knows that we all knew he was doing it!

My little secret is not food related.  Braeden and I read an age appropriate book once he is snuggled into my bed.  Clutching his bedraggled half stuffed lion, we quietly read and talk about the pictures (sometimes his parents don't want to linger over his million questions, but Gramma's always do).  Then ... when we think they think we are asleep ... we watch a baby video on the iPad.  Usually he is asleep five minutes into it.

So sweet.


  1. Ah, what a sweet story---both of them.

  2. Today Mr. B is taking his "rest" in a tent under the dining table. He might just spend the night there tonight! Dad will be on an aero bed in the living room, Mom and Deekie in the guest room. One more night!