Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Oh my gosh.  I've gone and done it now.  After just a bit of research (well, and hours online at Pinterest, Wayfair, Amazon, CB2, IKEA, Overstock, etc) I just ordered a sofa and loveseat. Semi-custom made!

About five blocks from here is a little shop called Sofas by Design.  Never judge a book by its cover!  It's something I've driven by for years.  Rarely anyone in the parking lot. Turns out it's a one woman show helping people pick just the right piece of furniture ... for THEM.

I didn't know I could get a sofa a little higher than normal.  Or one with less depth for leg comfort.  And choose the firmness of the seat cushions!   For the same price as sofas at JC Penney and Macy's.  Of course I also got to pick the arm style, the leg style and color, the seat back cushions, two pillows and the fabric.

These new pieces will be much more scaled to the condo size.  I love love love my burgundy and navy blue oriental rug but was tired of oversized manly navy blue leather furniture.  Oh gosh, I can hardly wait the 6-8 weeks for delivery.

In addition to color, texture and coziness is very important to me.  The above photo shows the swatches during daylight on the carpet.

Here are the top four contenders on the wall (everything is vanilla!) with lamplight. 

I chose the greenish tinted one on the top row, all the way on the right.  Which happens to be the top one when lined up on the wall!  I hope I like it when it's all put together.

Then I splurged and got a really comfortable sleeper chair (converts to twin XL bed) for the den.  I may get two guests at the same time.  Someday?  I was prompted by Kate and Jesse and the two babies.  Braeden and I share the King high tech bed (two twin XL mattresses on a deluxe bed so it can sit one of us up and vibrate the other).  Kate and baby take the Queen bed in the guest room.  Poor Dad ... he got the aerobed in the living room.  SOOOO ... if we should ever need to all live here again ... everybody's happy.

In the meantime ... come visit!


  1. Beautiful carpet! You're going to love your new sofa and the chair/bed for the den is brilliant. I should take the plunge and get one to replace a full bed in my space bedroom. I really want to use that room for more than just guests I never get.

    1. I sure hope I like the new sofa. It's probably the last one I'll ever have!! I'm super excited for the chair bed ... I'm thinking it might make a great napping area!

  2. The chair was more than the sofa! BUT ... it is not the ordinary kill your back uncomfortable kind. It's tempurpedic THICK mattress without bars or springs. So really can be used as a bed rather than a torture device. By American Leather ... if you want to look it up.