Friday, July 18, 2014


Today I filed my application to receive Social Security.  

But I feel pretty hip since I did it online.  As you may remember, I went to my local Social Security office on my birthday but they told me that I could only choose one account on which to draw and if I started at age 62, I would receive 75% of my PIA (primary insurance amount) or 75% of my deceased Mr. Ralph's PIA (3 times the amount of mine) .... forever.


Last night my local Adult Community Center had a presentation on Women and Social Security.  WOW!  There were just six of us ladies listening to a financial planner who has the most informational PowerPoint slide show.  Even better than that ... he answered each individual question from his audience!

I am allowed to take my PIA early, with the penalty.  In four years, I can collect his at the full amount.  



  1. I hope he's right! That would be great. It wasn't for me when I took my Social Security at 62. And S.S. made the choice of whether to draw on my husband's account or on mine....I couldn't do both. Keep us posted!

    1. IF his benefit is higher than yours, you CAN switch now. Go back and re-apply!

  2. I should try that. He definitely made more money in his life time than I did.