Thursday, July 10, 2014


I know, I know.  I've not kept you informed.  Another crazy week!

In the middle of the night after the 4th of July fireworks, Kate tapped me awake to ask for a ride to the hospital.  Severe stomach pain.  She had mentioned earlier that she thought she might have food poisoning because she felt nauseous and was experiencing pain.

Fortunately, the Emergency Room at 3:00 am on/after a holiday was relatively calm.  No missing arms or legs or bleeding of any kind.  She had a great doctor and a bitchy nurse.

Because she was a pain killer addict, it takes a special kind of medicine that is not as addictive AND she needs a much larger dose.  Blood was drawn and an ultrasound performed.  Not gall bladder or kidney stones.

More doses of pain meds and she could finally straighten up for an x-ray ... which proved inconclusive.  Finally a CAT scan which showed a bowel obstruction!  Apparently the worst sort of pain ... more painful than kidney stones and labor and whatever.

At 9:00 am she was admitted to the hospital.

Meanwhile, back at the condo ... Jesse and I are managing both boys and the dog and trying to keep Braeden from being too worried.  We went for a short visit each day.  She wanted to keep the baby with her but it just wasn't practical.

Because of the medications, she had to pump and dump her precious milk.  We had some frozen breast milk that we could use for baby Deacon.  Her supply fell to less than half her normal amount.  They upped her intravenous fluids to try to help.

Finally was released ... she had to "toot" because she could get anything other than ice chips.  Once she made a "deposit", she could be discharged.  Talk about praying for a nice big dump!  Late Monday night I brought her home.  Naturally she was sore and weak, so they all stayed until late Weds night.

Here it is Thursday morning, almost noon, and I'm still in my pajamas!  What a houseful!  I had some major bonding with baby and with the Super Dad.  More on him later.  Needless to say, I'm very impressed with these guys!


  1. I'm so glad Kate is OK after her ordeal, and that you were there for her. Who would've thought a young woman would have b. o.? Can she resume breast feeding and normal eating habits?

    You must feel run down, too. Take care, A.W. to replenish your own stores : -)

  2. They are so lucky to have you around for back up and more. Glad your daughter is doing better. What a terrible thing to go through!

  3. Oh thanks. Kate gets bland soft foods for a week and fiber in her beverage forever. Her pumping is back up to normal production. Wow. The body is a miraculous thing.

    We are lucky that we are FAMILY, helping out as needed. Fortunately, she has not had to help me very much ... mainly supplying her strong man to move heavy items.

    It is such a different kind of relationship with grandchildren when I get to live with them on occasion. Then with FaceTime, we can bridge the gap to Maui for a few months.

    The weather we are having here in Lake Oswego is just like Maui. I'm outside on the back patio of the Clubhouse right now....mine is too hot!