Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This Awkward Widow is enjoying finding low cost entertainment.  Especially if it can include being outdoors.

My city of Lake Oswego, OR (population 37,000) has an amazing Parks and Rec department.  All of our city parks have FREE wi-fi.  So even if I just want to be outside but not on my front patio (cute as it is), I can mosey on down three blocks to sit near the Willamette River or the little water feature river or the shelter house at Foothills Park.

Millennium Park, about four blocks the other direction, is on the lake and is home to our Farmer's Market.  This park has Friday lunchtime concerts as well as Sunday evening concerts.  They also show family movies each week in August.  We residents are pretty lucky!

During the summer, Foothills Park has free concerts on Weds evenings.  I have a little red wagon (Radio Flyer, made in America!) now to take my picnic blanket, snack, and Braeden.  It starts at 7pm and goes to 9pm.  

Lots of neighbors and friends also go.  Sometimes we get organized and go together .. usually it's last minute and we simply run into each other.  I try to go at 6:30 as I like being in the shade!!

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  1. Wow, Braneden is growing up!

    You are lucky to live within walking distance of the parks and all their features. We have a good parks department, too, with free concerts, art shows, farmer's markets, etc., but I have to drive everywhere.