Monday, July 14, 2014


Well sheesh!  I have had heartburn maybe once before in my life.  Tonight it is after eating fresh fruit and cottage cheese???  What's up with that?  I'm not meant to be healthy??  It's an omen.

My whole social life revolves around food.  Yesterday was a BBQ at our condo complex.  This morning it was gluten free breakfast with the couple who got married at our house all those 30 years ago.

So now I need some ideas of things to do that don't involve calories. Maybe I need a social worker!   Coffee is good (now that I no longer add cream).  What else???


  1. I love that graphic! Unfortunately, our society is not geared to entertain without food being served. I have always gotten stressed about entertaining when it comes to the food part. So, I make it easy on myself and only invite people over for coffee and dessert. It's just my thing. I have something sinful and fruits for those who don't want to sin. People still seem to have fun.

  2. has the best cartoons!

    EVERYTHING seems to include food. Even Bridge (which I haven't worked on since my sister was here ... bridge players are so serious!)

    I'm not a sweet tooth, so I choose nibbles and wine!

  3. Oh, no! You've given me another reason not to socialize! LOL Man, it's tough to reroute one's pleasures toward something healthier. That's what I'm in the middle of doing. Maybe a social worker, or life coach, or just new interests. Oh dear, will your friends be interested in non food activities?

  4. That graphic is a hoot. Food, food everywhere you look. I've been trying to get myself motivated to lose a few pounds for months. I feel your pain.

  5. Yes, ladies, it may take another circle of friends. Maybe a walk and talk group? Then stop for coffee after. I've got to incorporate a bit of activity into this couch potato/laptop life!

    This week I've TRIED to see if a "date" could help me think of something we could do that wasn't food ... mostly they just laugh at me!! Sharon says "you know I don't cook, so lunch once a week is necessary for my health".

  6. I've only had heartburn twice in my life but I HATED it! Sorry it struck!

    Glad Kate and her three boys are doing better, and so is Gramma! Miss you!