Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Fortunately, I have never had to call the Fire Department.  What brave fighters they are.  They are usually the first on the scene ... I can't imagine the horror some have seen.  Burning buildings, auto accidents, cars smashing into pedestrians (yes, that happened here on trick or treat night).

One of my uncles retired as a Lieutenant in the Fire Department.  So glad he LIVED til retirement!  A few years ago I worked with a consulting group who specialized in helping fire departments grow and change.  Analyzing data to determine where to locate a new station.  Training fire fighters for management positions.  Helping retired fire fighters to find jobs at smaller departments who cannot afford typical chief pay (win/win there!).

A young friend trained and studied to become a fire fighter which is how I learned how tough it is to get in!  Hundreds of people try for one spot.  I think most people have to be on a volunteer department and work their way up.  The benefits are outstanding and a lot of the benefits are for life.  And I don't begrudge them a single penny.  

In an effort to broaden Braeden's career passions ... we are now doing a lot of fire fighting around here ....

In fairness, he wants to be an Army fire fighter ....


  1. In time he'll work his way through all the Village People careers. LOL Cute photo.

  2. I love his outfit, but I don't want him in the Army! I don't even want him to be a fire fighter! I want him to go to college and get a nice, safe job!

  3. How cute that photos is. Such big, grownup dreams.