Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I've officially seen it all.

Do you remember your grandparents or parents saying that? Oh, that younger generation!  Now I've seen it all.  That hair.  That hemline.  That makeup.  That tattoo.

No one these days mails a Christmas card.  (Well, I did always send one to my Mom and Dad).  When the annual letters became popular, I copied photos of the year and made color copies to mail.  Then I started doing a jazzy Christmas email.

This is just perfect for 2014.

I have to admit I am probably one of these people.  I prefer email.  Or text.  Instead of a phone call.  In my mind, it is less bothersome to the receiver.  They can read my note on their own convenient time.

But I hate when my kidults never answer their phone.  Or email.  And now they rarely respond to text.

Yep.  Definitely Old Fogey!


  1. I still send Christmas cards but only 35 (about the same amount as I get) but I remember sending 125 years ago. I've gotten a few email cards but the jury is out on whether I like them or not. One caused my computer to crash once... I have joined the text messaging crowd and like it as it keeps in touch with my nephew and nieces. I can see why they are better than calls for asking quick questions where you don't need timely answers. So far, they always answer. We all have to change with the times or be left behind, don't we.

  2. I have always sent cards--photo cards. I think this year--just cards to the grandkds and family. So expensive! I make my own, but still the price of stamps is outta sight.

  3. You'll be getting a "Mailed" Christmas card from me! I always design my own from a photo we've taken, and send it out with a heartfelt, original message....