Tuesday, November 25, 2014


This year my little family and I are starting new traditions.  We will celebrate holidays before or after that "actual" date.  They have other family and friends and it was just too much last minute planning for this Awkward Widow.

Which puts me in the enviable position of weaseling my way in to other peoples "on the day" festivities.  Thanksgiving has worked out perfectly.  Mary Beth invited me to her fabulous manfriend's for a gourmet dinner.  All I have to bring is stuffing (my favorite!).  She visits her Mom in assisted living for an early turkey luncheon so our gathering will be a sophisticated 5:00 pm.

So when I got a last minute invitation to join Grandpa George for an 11:00 am turkey lunch, I could do both!  He is still trying to adjust to his new, more dependent assisted living.  His son and wife live in Denver and had planned to come but her father died so they have more urgent commitments.  Bendy, his daughter, was disappointed that it would be like any other day ... just her and her boyfriend and her Dad.  

While he needs the physical help of living in this wing of his retirement center, he is not at all happy about just staying in his little studio room.  He is the epitome of social.  I'm going to pop over early this evening to join him for his dessert ... and maybe a sip of Scotch.

It's getting harder and harder for me to think about being in Maui for five months.


  1. Five months! Does that mean you've changed your mind about putting the Maui place up for sale? Last I remember you were only going back for a few weeks and make arrangements. Whatever you do, it sounds like your decision is getting easier for you to make.

  2. The plan has been Jan 1 - May 15 (tickets made). And I've asked a young friend to live in condo while I'm away. then sell Maui after I've enjoyed my last LONG winter. Now I think I may come back at the end of March. I'm just going to play it by ear!

  3. Yes--no need to rush. A year from now, you just might be very glad you didn't sell it. I got rid of a few things after Fred died, that now, almost 3 years out, I wish I hadn't.

  4. Your graphic made me laugh out loud!!!