Thursday, November 27, 2014


Thanksgiving was Mr. Ralph's favorite holiday.  

He loved entertaining so our home was filled to the brim at Thanksgiving.  Many folks were from his office who were new to the area.  Young friends, old friends.  Occasionally friends from other countries who do not celebrate this food filled day were included!  It's an odd holiday to explain ... and of course now we shouldn't even BE celebrating.  Poor Christopher ... how did he go from being so hailed he had his own holiday?  Where did people find the information to dethrone him ... 500 years later ... oh, that's another blog ....

Today I am thankful for family, friends and food.  I am lucky to have five siblings.  Fortunate to have my one and only kidult at age 34...and happy to have two sweet grandchildren who live nearby.  I have a wide circle of friends.  All kinds of friends.  And lots of friendly neighbors.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!


  1. I think you have Thanksgiving and Columbus Day celebrations mixed up. Columbus sailed in 1492 but the Pilgrims didn't start Thanksgiving until 1620. Columbus Day was made a federal holiday by Roosevelt under pressure from Catholic groups because they wanted a Catholic hero in history and in 1971 Bush fixed the holiday to the 2nd Mondays in Oct. so federal workers could have another long weekend. Columbus' men committed many cruel acts on the friendly natives who greeted his ships including turning the women into sex slaves and bringing them home as gifts. This information came from the actual diaries written in that time frame and have been researched in recent decades. Native American got more and more hostile towards celebrating Columbus Day as more information about 'good' old Chris came out. So now you've had your history lesson for today. LOL Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh my! That is a lot of information. It's just hard for me to watch people knocked off their pedestal after so many hundred of years. Wasn't St. Christopher un-sainted also? Next it will be Santa .... ???

  3. Got me, but I won't be surprised if he was considering how his sainthood was all but bought.

  4. LOL at this conversation between you and Jean. Becoming famous is a double-edged sword. They build you up and tear you down. :(

    Mr. Ralph sounds like my brother. Some people are born to entertain, to take others under their wing and include them. It's a very nice personality trait. Very.