Sunday, November 23, 2014


Close friends often ask me about dating and moving on and finding another soulmate.  It's still not even entering my mind.

Today I began setting out a few Christmas things.  And had a crying jag over a swan music box that plays Amazing Grace.  I collected swans while married to Mr. Ralph ... because they mate for life.  He loved the song.  That one small, beautiful object hit my heart.  

It is just us.  Always was and always will be.


  1. Why do friends think the only way we widows can show signs of healing and "moving on" is if we're ready to date? Nothing wrong with dating for those who do want to, but finding a soulmate was hard enough the first time. The idea of doing the search again, too, me is depressing. If it's meant to be, it will happen. If not, oh well....

    Your music box sounds like a lovely keepsake. Swans are so beautiful and that is my one and only favorite religious song.

  2. It happens to us, doesn't it? It took me until I was 65 to find a Soul Mate--a term I used to sneer at because I didn't believe it was true. Anyway--if one can have only ONE Soul Mate, then there is no reason to go looking is there? I sure wouldn't want to end up with Second Best--actually, I had Second Best and Third Best and it wasn't worth all the effort, LOL.

  3. This is such a tough time of year for memories. I've always loved the idea that swans mate for life. I read a book one time that included a small part about a swan losing his mate and grieving for her.