Monday, November 3, 2014


Sunday was a farewell gathering for a long term condo owner.

I didn't know her well enough to say she was a friend, but she was always friendly.  And helpful.  She was the first HOA president and was on the Board many times after that initial year.  Jan was a lawyer which was very helpful going from a developer owned apartment complex to a condo conversion.

The last half of her short life (she was 63) was a struggle with alcohol.  She was also a big time smoker.  Very sad no matter the person's potential.  Her two friends here put in joint effort with champagne, sparkling cider, hot coffee and each attendee provided some nibbles.  Those who wanted to recall a Jan story stood up to speak ... I learned how influential she was in those early days. 

Her idea to turn the rental office into a Clubhouse room.  She started our lending library (which is now five bookshelves large and also has games and puzzles) which has both books and magazines.  Comfy furniture donated through the years.  It is a great place to go when you get tired of looking at your own four walls.

Our community is not a designated elder complex or even an over 50 neighborhood.  But mostly we are both.  We've lost two long term owners in the past three months.  There are several who are suffering with arthritis and diabetes and other age related conditions.  Yet we have also attracted a few younger families with children.  A baby even!

Determination to keep this place intergenerational.  It's hard not to smile when you hear the laughter of children!


  1. What a nice thing to do for a departed resident! We don't have many children in this area of the park--they are on the other side, where most of the younger's live.

  2. Sad, but nice that she started things that continue to benefit others.