Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Look out world .... 

Braeden didn't want to wake up to go to camp this morning either!  I was willing to let him go back to sleep but he said his eyes didn't want to sleep.  Silly boy!

It's cool, grey and overcast although supposed to clear up and be mid-70's.  It's a good time for me to putter and be slow.  The rest of the family is still in bed so I'm on my patio sipping my coffee.  Lingering over email, Facebook, reading blogs (what a luxury!), posting items for my volunteer job and getting a short blog written.

I'm pretty glad I'm living with these other four because I bet I would be having a hermit day today if I were on my own.  Nothing wrong with those, of course, but I'm breaking out of that mold.  I needed them during those first two years of widowhood.  Not so much any more!  

Towards the end of the month I have a lot of computer projects to do so I use those days as my hermit days.  Once the wee one gets up, and I get some delicious snuggles, then pick up Mr. B from camp ... I'll move over to the Clubhouse to get my work finished.

In the meantime ... going back to surfing and learning and sipping!


  1. At least, living with the kids keeps you in "this world", and that's a good thing. :-)

  2. I truthfully can't imagine trying to keep up with two little boys. But you seem to thrive on it so more power to you!

  3. I like hermit days, but I know we need both. You sound like you have plenty of stimulation, both at home and out of the house. Nothing like grands to keep you young and to give you snuggles. I'm going to quote Braeden, "My eyes don't want to sleep." What a perfect phrase for an insomniac like me. Our bodies need sleep, but our eyes don't want to sleep, though I have to admit that I've slept better lately. I hope it continues.