Tuesday, July 28, 2015


That clipart just about sums it up for me!!!

The kidult family is heading over to the Oregon Coast for two nights (haven't even started packing and it's 11:00am) so I will have some nonstop time to purge my room.  It is our old office, filled with boxes of photos, old tax returns, worthless paper and a few treasures, I'm sure.  It's hard to work in there with the dinosaur nest at the foot of my bed, an art table on one side and my bed stretched out through the middle.  When I get that big stuff up and out of the way, I will have room for the two piles ... keep and toss.

I've started a few times but always get (pleasantly) interrupted to do something I consider way more fun (that would be just about anything!).  One day I found Kate's first lost tooth!  I can't even open the boxes of photos until I'm ready to scan.  That will be a long fun journey!

It was a tough call to not join the family at the beach.  Since I can't walk so well (especially uneven terrain) and can't sit on the beach (cause I can't get back up!), plus I would need to rent my own room and probably share it with Braeden and/or the dog, and they are such late owls (their day doesn't start til 1pm or after).  I need to get my room ready for walker rehab time!

If only Mr. B would leave some of his energy behind ...


  1. It's probably good for all of you to have some time to yourselves and your project will make your room so much better. What fun it will be to go through the boxes photos. Fun but except a few tears, I'm sure.

    1. AND I just found some gift cards for BedandBreakfast.com! I'm taking myself on a little vacation!