Friday, July 17, 2015


Most days in this third year after loss are OK.  Memories without tears.  Brain freezes are fewer.  Getting things a bit more organized.  Emotions seem controllable (well, except when Braeden says "I really really miss Poppa.  He was a great guy: .....)

Then I came upon this bell curve on Facebook!

This just seems to sum it up!  Panic has subsided for me.  I'm working on the loneliness although we will see how that goes once I'm back in Maui living alone.  One of my best foodie friends is LEAVING the island!  Several buddies are snow birds so I'll have them for half the year.

According to the graph .... I am on my way up!

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  1. Loneliness is hard to understand because we can feel it even when surrounded by people. I think of it as still feeling like we're half of a whole.