Friday, July 17, 2015


Nothing is more important than a good foundation.  In a home.  In a relationship.  In your body.  As I am now finding out.

The knees are getting replaced.  Who knew they were already bone on bone for the last many months.  I must have a high pain tolerance.  My family and friends have been so kind to listen to my complaining ... but apparently it was REAL.  Now to get to the nit picking.  My feet.

Yesterday I went to a second podiatrist because I can't wear shoes.  I have been wearing good solid flip flops with arch support for the past two years.  But the bunions continue to grow (gee they are so ugly!) and now I have a hammertoe on a second toe.  Last year I had pain in between the bunion joint and the hammertoe.  GP sent me to the foot doctor at his same clinic who gave me a cortisone shot and said all was well.  When I asked my Dr. this year about seeing a podiatrist because I am unable to wear shoes, he again suggested the foot doctor at his same clinic.  I asked if he was also a surgeon (he's not), he gave me the name of someone else.  Why pay one guy to refer me to another guy.

Yesterday I met with Dr. Tillett.  Now I am pretty mad at podiatrist #1.  Things have progressed so that now the surgery to correct things is MAJOR.  Apparently wearing custom orthotics can slow down the process.  Once the separation of bones is larger than 16 degrees, a WEDGE of bone must be removed in order to "tip" the big toe towards the middle of your foot.  Then a chunk of bone cut off the bunion side and pins/screws put into place.  UGH.

What should have been "Easy Bunion Surgery":

Now will have to be something like:

You do note the slicing and dicing?  I'm thinking PAIN!  Also, 6-8 weeks without any pressure on the foot.  Yikes.  My poor kids will be stuck with me next year for the second knee replacement and hopefully, if nothing gets worse with my "foundation", the following year for toe work!

Growing older with arthritis and inherited tendencies is NOT for sissies.


  1. I think foot surgery is worse than knee surgery. I've had both knees done and it's no picnic but I'm scared of the recovery period for anything they do to your feet. I've had nerves killed off so I don't feel as much pain down there. I've worn custom made shoes and custom orthotics since my first pair of baby shoes. There is a knee replacement support site message board for "talking" with others going threw the same thing at: I found it useful. Find out the brand name of the parts your surgeon will use and research recalls if you want to scare yourself to death. LOL

    1. Thanks, Jean. Good advice as well ... I will find out who is making the parts and visit the support group.

      Another friend highly recommended at least a week at a rehab facility, maybe two if insurance will pay part. Don't want to have a baby boy jump on me before I'm properly healed!

  2. Yeowza. My sister's feet got into that shape. One bunion surgery one year, the other two years later. Oh, gosh. Her saintly husband! She feels like a new woman, though.

    Glad you are showing up here again : -)

    1. I'm sorta wondering if I should simply have one side of my body done at the same time ... hip, knee, bunion!!! Next year the other side!

      It's good to be back!

  3. You have to be careful about doing all the work on one side. It can cause back issues when you gait changes that much, if you don't follow through with in a year. Ask your bone doctor in which order to do the in. Mine says the bottom up but your doctor knows your bones the best.

  4. Oh, no. It's patch, patch, patch. I've started having foot pain on the bone that goes down the outside of my right foot. I wear flip flops a lot.