Sunday, July 26, 2015


Last night Mary Beth and I went to a casino to watch Brian Wilson, THE Beach Boy.  My teenage years came back to life.

We sang.  We clapped.  We swayed.  We swooned.  The songs brought each of us back to specific times and people.

But it was bittersweet.  I have not kept up with music or musicians.  Apparently Brian Wilson is suffering effects from years of drugs and depression.  There are documentaries and now a movie.  He came to the concert in a wheelchair...and sat at the piano.  He can't really sing on key any more.  His words of introductions were slurred and barely understandable.  I was embarrassed for him.  Performing in a casino two hours from Portland, Oregon

He is doing a good job of ending his musical journey by continuing to make music.  He was saved from sure death at the hands unscrupulous people.  He sacrificed his life and future after receiving so much fame.

The money he is raising is for a music program for kids.  I hope that generation can be spared the wicked part of fame ...


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  2. I hadn't heard about his troubles. Goodness gracious.

    Always loved their music though. I'm glad he's at least trying to give back for kids. Like you, I hope they'll be spared.

  3. I had heard a few years ago his manager (?) almost ruining his life. There comes a time in a performer's life when they need to quit--especially singers. It makes me sad to see/hear them and they no longer have the voice to hit the notes--kind of destroys the image I had of them when I was younger. At least, Brian is having a very useful life now.

  4. Reposted minus the typos and spelling errors:

    Very sad, but no need to feel embarrassed for him. His legend is secure and he's still doing what he loves to do, thus overcoming a lot of sh*t to do it.

    Adding: When I wrote this I was thinking about all the people I met at stroke rehab places and classes. They work so hard, for so long to get a tiny part of their old lives back...slurred speech and all. It's hard not to be proud of them, even if they don't achieve even a 1/5 of what they lost because you know their recovery was hard fought.

    1. So true. And I don't KNOW it was a stroke. But he sure put together a great band and has written a few good new songs. I look forward to seeing the movie, Love and Mercy.

  5. I've always thought his was a sad story. I loved their music. I guess everyone our age did.