Monday, July 13, 2015


Earlier this spring, I decided I would like to live in Maui.  But I didn't want to sell my Lake Oswego condo in case I have to return for medical or health reasons.  When Ralph was diagnosed as terminal, we rented out the condo to some friends of our daughter.  Cale was Braeden's second Mom, watching him at least weekly while Kate and Jesse worked their crazy retail schedules.  I knew Cale and family were paying way too much for rent so we made them an offer they didn't refuse.

This time, Kate needed another bathroom and a bit more space so I offered them the chance to rent my condo.  At the same rate as their little apt.  After careful thinking (hmmm ... a landlord who is your Mom???) they decided to make the move.  They put my stuff in storage (after I just got the condo to my liking!) and made it their own.  We have a pool and a spa and two clubhouse rooms.

It is in a walkable location (less than a mile) to 14 restaurants, 5 city parks, grocery store, library, post office and a Rite Aid.  Two blocks to a bus stop.  It is just perfect for their young family.  We also had two bikes so they have access to those.

We've been living together since May 20.  Two months without one cross word!  I have my "hotel suite" in the third bedroom which we used as an office (and the furniture is still in there).  I invested in a fold out chair that becomes a Twin XL with a posturepedic-style mattress AND a 3 inch foam topper.  I also had to get a portable air conditioner since Oregon decided to have three weeks of over 90 degrees.

My door is always closed and even 16 month old Deacon knows to knock.  Usually I let them in but when I am out of sight, I'm often out of mind.  After living without children and pets, sometimes the normal life of a family with young boys is too noisy and busy for me.  So I can escape to my personal space whenever.

They do 90% of the cooking and cleaning and laundry and grocery shopping.

My life is pretty good!


  1. I would find it difficult to be around all that activity and noise, but I am so glad it works for you!!! At least it is familiar to you. Nice that you didn't kick them out of the Master bedroom--I think I would have, LOL

    1. I'm loving the day to day stuff with the little boys. Those minds are like sponges! The Master would be great for knee recovery but I don't think they would both fit in this twin bed ....

  2. I am interested in the chair that becomes a sleeper. I would really like to get rid of my full size bed in the guest room but I do need a place for someone to stay the night on rare occasions. Is it comfortable? Do you have a photo and/or brand name?

    I'm glad your arrangement is working out for you. It sounds like the best of both worlds when you can find a way to hold on to two places you love.

    1. It was bloody expensive, but I've been sleeping on it for two months and I love it! With the foam topper (Costco). I don't remember the brand but will find it for you! It's bigger/wider than a chair but VERY comfortable as a chair as well as bed!