Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Today I woke up with a yeast infection (down there)!  It's been probably 20 years since I've had one.  But I guess I'm rather lucky.

It sounds like UTI's and yeast infections increase in old age.  That's not fair!  I really want to have a conversation with the idiot who coined "the golden years" phrase.

These days the first line of defense (after home remedies which I'm not patient enough to do) is over the counter antifungal capsules or cream.  Over the counter!  No trip to the doctor.  I'm guessing my immune system is down because of last week's ill health.  Let's hope this three day regime works.

Reading online was a bit discouraging about contracting urinary tract infections and/or yeast infection more frequently as we age.  And not just "down there."  Mouths. Toenails. Feet.  Under the sagging breasts (ouch).

The first issue is thinning of the skin which used to fight off a lot of these menacing things.  Another reason is that this generation travels more and is exposed to strains of yeast they've never met before.  And we are more active and often reward ourselves with a juice smoothie or coffee for a while after sweating.

Last but not least, some very elderly are unable to clean themselves as well as in the past.  Or they forget what our mothers told us ... front to back, never the other way!

I'm thinking a bidet should be Medicare approved to help ward these infections off.  It's very common in Europe and especially in Japan and Asia.  Would save us American's a lot of paper (and maybe even put Costco out of business).  Most of us don't have room to add a bidet.  Now there are toilets that combine bidets or bidet devices you can add to the toilet you already have.

Decisions, decisions!


  1. Yes--I get them under my breasts--have a special powder I use to combat. Did you take antibiotics for your last week illness? I ALWAYS get a yeast infection "down there" when I take antibiotics. When I stop to get my prescription for the antibiotic, I just automatically pick up a Monistat. A bidet would feel so good and cleansing--don't you think?

    1. NO antibiotics and I've had yogurt most days.

      I never understood bidets ... until I used one. It is amazing and I feel super clean!

  2. I'd rather have a bidet any day of the week than that huge, difficult-to-clean, dangerous-to-get-in-and-out-of spa tub. I've been very lucky. I've only had one yeast infection and two UTIs in my life. I like the idea of Medicare paying for the bidet. I'll sign the petition.

    1. Maybe we should petition! My Mom got so many UTIs and it seemed to be the last thing her doctor would check! They were so bad she hallucinated. My friend's mom has one now (staph) and she thinks she's had it for months ... has been complaining and also hallucinating. What's with Drs? After one and after a certain age ... run the pee test!

    2. Dad ahd a very sound mind until the day he died, but he used to get UTIs and he hallucinated. It can really affect older people that way. One doctor tried to tell me that he had dementia and would only get worse. I had to tell him that it was a UtI. Sheesh.