Monday, September 29, 2014


Sunday was my 30 year wedding anniversary.  I was going to write "would have been" but honestly, it WAS my anniversary.

Fortunately, a high school classmate (whom I have not seen or spoken to since 1970!) was in town for his daughter's wedding.  Facebook was our starting point!  I said if he had time in between festivities, we should meet for coffee or lunch.  The fun was already planned out for everyone but we finally met around noon on Sunday when he checked out.

And his plane wasn't leaving until midnight.  Ahhh!  I'm not sure I can make small talk for that long.  What do GUYS want to see or know about Portland?  With that kind of time we could drive to the Coast or up to the Mountain ....

We finally settled on a tour of my cute little city and a visit to the condo.  He is still running a small company in Atlanta and lives with Wife #2 in a big home.  Turns out that was a wise decision not to downsize as an adult daughter and her 9 year old moved in this them.  Then we drove east on the Scenic Columbia Gorge Highway to Multnomah Falls.  He actually wanted to get to the airport early to try for an earlier flight home.

All in all, it was very pleasant and we were never at a loss for words.  A few way-back-when moments but mostly in the here and now.  When I got home, I started reminiscing about Ralph and romance and how we made a celebration out of anything ... and everything.  He was very big into flowers and I'm the practical Taurus who knows they will only last a week (or less).  But I bought a gorgeous Autumn bouquet.  I opened a nice bottle of red wine.  And cried.  

To top it all off, my Un-son-in-law called (after Kate reminded him it was our anniversary).  I barely remember his kind words since I was trying not to cry in his ear.  But he ended by saying  Ralph was the most influential man in his life.  He learned a lot from him and hopes he can raise his boys to be men like him.


  1. What a beautiful thing for your un-son-in-law to say!

    I never think flowers are a waste. Flower are special because their life is so short. They are a reminder of the cycle of life says the woman who earned a living with flowers for 20 years. LOL I always treat myself flowers when my house is clean and sparkling. They make me feel good.

    I can't image spending that much time with an old classmate I hadn't seen is so many years! Glad you had a good time and conversation didn't lag.

  2. How wonderful for the unson-in-law to say that. I wish people would tell us how we influenced their lives in a good way--before we are dead!!! I'd rather hear those words from them, then have them tell my children at the funeral visitation! Buy flowers--they are good for your soul!!!