Thursday, September 11, 2014

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

What vivid memories I still have of this day.  I keep myself far removed from wars and how other countries treat their people because I don't know how to help.  But when they bring their evil to my country and my people, it hurts.

Mr. Ralph was trying to make some stock trades and was cursing the computer when they wouldn't go through.  I was watching the Good Morning America show.  I just started crying.  Hard to explain to our teenaged daughter.  

It is hard to believe it has already been 13 years.  In some ways it seems like last year.  In others, it seems ancient.  Several friends had happy memories of that date ... until this tragedy occurred.  Birthdays and wedding anniversaries.  First dates and engagements.  All now seem overshadowed.

I am so proud to be an American.  


  1. 9-11 happened less than as year after my husband's stroke when our personal lives were in a terrible mess, then when it happened it wasn't just our lives, but thousands of others going through the pain of loss. I was paralyzed by fear for the next year or two---hated driving over bridges and being in crowed places, etc. I don't like the reminders of 9-11 but it is what it is. The traveling 9-11 museum is in my town this week but I can't bring myself to go see it.

  2. That was such a horrific morning. My husband was working from home, but my son was very close to the towers. He worked nearby. He had been in the the WTC the day before on business. I tried to get him on the phone and couldn't reach him. He finally got through to me. I was so relieved. It was such a horrible day in our history.