Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I sure like apps if the program is something I can really use.  I've almost named all of the ones I use frequently.  But let's see ....

1Password.  At first I didn't really consider this an app as it is on my laptop.  It is a program that saves your passwords AND will even create crazy long passwords for you.  Then every time you go to a website where you created an account, you click on the "key" on your tool bar, it calls up that user name and password, plugs them in and voila!  You are in!

All you need to remember is the ONE master password.  Then the rest of the passwords are safely stored.  I don't understand how they keep the info safe, but my highly technical nephew recommended this program when I was at my wits end trying to change passwords when Amazon and someone else BIG were compromised.  

Of course, being the skeptic that I am, I still write the important ones down in a safe place (and put them in my safe) (which my executor knows).  If memory serves me correctly, this program did cost $50 but gosh is it worth it!

Now.  To figure out how to use it on my iPhone!


  1. My lawyer wants me to get a program like that but I'm so leery. Guess that comes from not really understanding how they work and how they can't be hacked, and what happens if the program gets compromised.

  2. I just go blithely along, assuming no one would hack any of my accounts and if they did and saw my bank balance--they'd just move on, LOL.

  3. My son has mentioned this to me several times, but I'm a little stubborn about it. I'm just about convinced. Like you, when Amazon and a number of other sites were compromised, I had to change all my passwords. I'd had the same passwords for years (I know that's bad too), and I can't always remember the new ones. I may get the app.