Saturday, September 27, 2014


Oh how I love Mr. Braeden!

For some reason, he fixated on the army guys in Toy Story.  He would carry army guys every where he went, despite his Mom saying he shouldn't because he might lose one.  In fact, he did drop one behind a gum display ... where they were climbing up to reconnoiter.  Mom said too bad, I tried to warn you.  Let's go.  He looked her in the eye and said "no man left behind" and the clerk came around, moved the display and returned the little green man.

Now his bedroom at Gramma's house is totally Army and camouflage.  Every time I see anything camo, and it's affordable (think Walmart), I buy the shirts or shorts or sweatpants or shoes.  A helmet from the Dollar Tree was a great success.

He loves to feed his little brother.

Often when he spends the night, he dresses camo, grabs his cork and string rifle and a flashlight and we tour the condo complex.  Most everyone thinks he is adorable except for one who doesn't think it's age appropriate and he will turn into a warmonger.  And especially I shouldn't let him play with guns.  Well.  That boy can turn a piece of toast into a gun and pretend shoot me!  He used to look for sticks that would work.  Mom and Unson-in-law finally caved when an older neighbor boy gave B his old nerf guns.

He loves his new bedroom.  Usually he asks for a "ticket" to enter.  He has to sleep in the center of the bed, right under the army man figure on the bedspread.  There is much talk about a camo birthday cake with helicopters and army guys.  He's excited there is an army guy ride at Disneyland.

He's got an army man costume for Halloween.  Mom painted her nails camo.  We are all playing along.  I think he will grow up to be a fine young man.  Enlisted or not!


  1. I've been catching up on your pink party and wet dreams.

    My son came along when "no gun" was the way to go, but he had Transformers and Star Wars' toys. Now you know all of those toys did battle. It's the age-old struggle between good and evil, and the little guys are always on the side of good, as in that adorable video in which he punishes the bad guy.

    1. It's interesting. Even his stuffed animals are sometimes "soldiers". And Kate could take a GI Joe and make him a devoted Daddy Gender intrinsic I think

  2. I have mixed feelings on this topic, but I will say my brother played with tiny cowboys and Indians growing up, had all the costumes, too, and didn't grow up to be either one. LOL Like Bella said, it's the classic struggle between good and evil they are playing. You just have to pay closs attention to make sure your little guy is always fighting on the right side.

    1. Kate used to call her "guns" pitch-u-ers (like when you shoot the gun says pitch-u) When she wanted to play with the boys, she grabbed a twig or anything that might point ... and pitch-u'd right along.