Saturday, September 13, 2014


Boo hoo.  I've caught a cold.  Achy.  Listless.  Runny nose.  Slight cough.  Sleepy.  And a big baby!

But there's good news!  I can be indulgent.  There isn't anything on this widow's calendar that can't be cancelled or postponed.  On Thursday and Friday I took a three hour nap each day.  Last night I slept 12 hours in a row.  I'm drinking lots of water and tea.  Taking ibuprofen and antihistamine (when needed).  Box of tissues beside every place I could ever be in the condo.

My worst symptom is loss of personality.  I'm grumpy (to paraphrase my almost 4 year old).  I'm lazy.  There are things I could do WHILE being sick.  But I don't want to do them.  I'm sick!

And I'm the only one around to pamper myself.  Time for another cup of tea.  And a nap.


  1. Pamper yourself! Colds are yuck and there is nothing better you can do to speed it along its way than to sleep in and ride it out.

  2. It's going around. I hates colds!!!

    1. I hate not feeling 100%. I AM a big baby! But I know I'm doing the right thing ... and not exposing others.

  3. I hate colds. Jean is right, sleep is the best thing for it... and self indulgence. I hope you're feeling better by now.