Thursday, May 22, 2014


The unpacking here is almost finished.  But the work is picking up!  Boxes and boxes of photos!  I want to scan them for posterity then toss out the paper ones.  And maybe give some to Braeden.

One box had our wedding cards.  Talk about a trip back in time!  We were so broke.  He was unemployed ... his start up didn't fly very long.  I was working as a temporary secretary.  It was a second wedding for each of us and we didn't require any pomp or circumstance.

We drove over to the Oregon coast after I got off work.  His son and my sister stood up for us.  It was a simple ceremony at sunset on the deck of a condo we rented.  Jeans and sweaters.  Dinner at Mo's Clam Chowder.  We returned home the next day because we couldn't afford two night's lodging.

We did, however, have a brunch reception at our practically empty house!  A friend made Eggs Benedict for about 20 of us.  His gift to us.  Such a happy noisy few hours with friends.

The most romantic wedding ever.

Many thought it wouldn't last.  (Even me at some points in time!)  Despite our 18 year age difference and having our daughter late in life, it sure was fun!  


  1. Sounds a lot like my wedding day except neither of us had been married before. You both looked happy in the photo.

    I want to scan photos next winter when I'm snowed in but I'm not sure I could throw away the paper ones---maybe half. I just don't trust these dang computers not to lose them them all. LOL

  2. What a super story of second wedding and second marriage. And darling photo of you both! A keeper!

    Did you two meet in an unexpected way? I love hearing about how couples meet, and your unusual pairing probably has an unusual beginning.

  3. That photo is from 2012. I couldn't find our wedding pic! But I will.

    Ha ha ha GoWitheFlo! My husband at the time worked for the same company as Mr. Ralph (several levels down) so we met briefly in San Francisco when he needed some secretarial work done after hours (and I happened to still be at my office)

    But really we met when he wanted to hire my on-the-way-out husband! He and his partner were starting a new company and they took us both out for dinner. It was fascinating (to me) how you can get an idea in the shower to start a new business!

    I called the next day and said I'd like to get involved ... they had the very first Apple computer ... and I could type fast. With few mistakes.

    1. Ah! You took the first step. Did romance take long to blossom?

    2. It did. We were friends for a year or so. We shared info .. he used the same divorce lawyer I did. I taught him how to do laundry. He taught me management skills. He appreciated my brain. And then my body! Oh!! Looking back it was pretty amazing.

    3. This is so cool! You never know, do you, what life will turn up : -)