Friday, May 16, 2014


Mr. B woke up with a slight fever and a barking cough.  Not as much energy as usual, which was fine by me!  I started to be concerned when he wasn't hungry for breakfast.  Even waffles.  He did manage to drink a hot chocolate though.

I was going to babysit Deacon this evening as well as Braeden, but Mr. B just kept getting sicker and sicker.  So the parents decided to skip their date and come visit their big boy.  They took him on a a little walk, put some vaporub on him, some lavender lotion and put him in his PJs for me.  

This evening his temp was 101 but it just made him more snuggly.  I kinda like that as it doesn't happen nearly so much any more.

He's so tall now, that laying on my lap his feet drag the ground.  I love every minute of it.


  1. Poor guy, hope he's feeling better soon!

  2. Glad he's got a grandma as snuggly as you to help him through this. Please don't catch whatever he's got!