Saturday, May 3, 2014


We had to commemorate Mr. Ralph's death day.  Kids weren't up to getting out of town to sprinkle his fairy dust and by the time we did get together, it was cool and windy so we didn't sprinkle at all.

Braeden and I had the day together.  We talked about Poppa a lot.  I drove him to Poppa's favorite donut shop ... and let him have one for breakfast!!!  Of course, I have to tell you how much Poppa LOVED donuts.  I think he ate one every day.  He would find any excuse to buy them "for the office."  When the company was no longer struggling, he would send someone to get 6 dozen with company petty cash rather than our own.

One of Braeden's favorite memories (that we keep ALIVE) is Poppa sharing his donut with little baby Braeden, who was just beginning to toddle around.  He would alway head over when Poppa had something to eat because it was usually something sweet.  After one or two baby bites, I'd reprimand Poppa to stop giving the baby so much sugar ... his body is much smaller so a little goes a long way.  He would wait until I was out of sight ~ and sneak him another bite!  I'd rush in and say "no no no, Poppa!"

Now Braeden will try to con me into giving him some form of SUGAR by saying Poppa would sneak it to him!  I then have to point to the sky and say "no no no Poppa!"  It's a hoot.

Last night, after take in Thai food, we put a candle in a donut and sang "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" (twice).  And let Braeden (and Mommy and Daddy) eat as many as they wanted.


  1. Isn't it surprising how good little Braeden is at blackmail? This isn't the first time you'd posted about his cute little skill in that department. He will always associate donuts with a grandfather's love and someday he'll be a grandfather and carry on Ralph's tradition with his own grandchildren. And so Ralph will live on.

  2. Kids are the ULTIMATE conmen. Kate used to ask "can I have 12 cookies" ... as the odds of getting one were way better!!!

  3. What a sweet memory for Braeden and for you. I love donuts, too. How bad can they be? They are nothing but air in the middle, right? So glad you had Braeden to help you remember the good things.