Saturday, May 17, 2014


That's twice some unknown unwelcome person commented on my blog ... trying to sell something.  Sheesh!

Do you get these intruders on your site?  Mine doesn't even get many views and has just three followers.  What happens on well known sites?  You'd have to hire a full time employee just to scan the remarks.  It's disgusting.  Did he think one of my few readers would really visit his site to buy some mobile spy software?

The internet has an infinite amount of information, education, and retail sites that simply delight me.  I do all of my financial stuff online.  Will I grow to regret this?  The hackers and n'er do wells spend too much time doing evil.  If they would devote their time and knowledge for acceptable sites and services, they would be as well off as Bill Gates.

Just leave this Awkward Widow alone!  I don't need a car loan either.


  1. The unwelcome comments/advertisements come in streaks for all of us I'm guessing. That's why they invented the moderator function and prove you're human function. I doubt they eve read the blogs, they just go from one to another with cut and paste ads that no one reads. A waste of their time and ours for sure!

  2. When I first started blogging, I had all sorts of concerns that the wrong types would be reading and maybe even stalk me. I was especially concerned with posting my profile on online dating sites. So I try not to use buzzwords that might pull my blog up on sicko weirdo word searches with the search engines.

    I do have one post title that keeps triggering absurd replies. I keep deleting them but keep the title, because it pulls in a lot of traffic from readers with good intentions. I don't think your posts are off base, or prurient, or overly transparent. It's just the online medium doing its thing.