Sunday, May 18, 2014


I have a severe case of Awkward Widow ADD.  

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD her Senior year in high school.  She took medication for a year or two but decided she felt better being ADHD than taking the prescription.  In college, she could take it just when she needed to focus better/longer.  I don't think she ever takes it now.

In my opinion, most everyone has ADD to some degree.  I have the "easily distracted" version that leads to procrastination.  But I don't think it is affecting others in a negative way.  So I live with it.  And I mean that literally!

The condo project has shown my ADD in every single room.  NOT ONE is finished.  But each room has had improvements, little by little.  Bringing in my Handykid has sped up my process ... but after this week, I have to get a few more things accomplished before I have chores for him.

The boxes are slowly disappearing.  I don't remember having so many photos that need to be scanned and organized.  I don't remember having so many knick knacks from our travels together.  I don't remember having so much artwork that  apparently was up on our walls.  I don't remember keeping so many books when we downsized.  I don't remember so much STUFF.

I've learned via Weight Watchers that I need to be kind to myself and give myself credit for positive things, as well as accountability for the negative things.  So here's a sneak peek at two projects ...

This is the guest bathroom.  Handykid put together the storage unit, although this week I'm going to have him fasten it to the wall for a little more stability. This addition cleared out a lot of space from my hall closet.

This is the four inch wide shelf with a lip so I can change art whenever I want without hammer, nails and spackle.  (The art displayed are just random hangables that were easiest to grab from the unpacking room).  This is going to be a favorite of mine because I envision a "theme" system.  All five rose pictures (his favorite ... not necessarily mind) at a time.  Then maybe a family row with all the same frames.  Perhaps a wall of travel memories, one country at a time.  Hopefully I'll stop procrastinating and have some of Mr. Ralph's photos printed large at Costco so they can be out and about.

OK.  Now what was I supposed to be doing?


  1. I agree with you about ADD and I was just talking about that ever topic today at a shower. People are over medicated, in my opinion, and just need time to out grow it and learn to focus. I am just the opposite. I'm one tracked and have a hard time multitasking.

    I love, LOVE love your art shelf. I have wanted on of those forever but can't put it up by myself. I need a handyman service, too! I love the concept of being able to change it around with the seasons or your mood.

    1. Start asking EVERYONE you know if they've every used a handyman they could recommend. The going rate around here is $40-$50/hour ... but most handy people can give you an estimate for the job(s). They like to have a 3-4 hour minimum amount of work.

      Shelves are from IKEA. I'm going to have white one put up over my bed!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the shelves. I actually do know a couple of guys who will do things for me BUT they don't like to take money from me which makes it really hard to ask. LOL I need to ask around, like you suggest.