Thursday, May 15, 2014


One of the things that is certainly missing as an Awkward Widow, is someone to take on my Honey Do list.  Mr. Ralph was pretty amazing at doing almost anything!  Even if he didn't really agree with me about having it done (tiny white lites around the perimeter of the covering of our patio ... right out my kitchen window)(I loved it).

He had so much fun at the little house in Maui.  The bright white plastic fence surrounding our entire back yard was SOOOO bright in the morning, I had to wear sunglasses to drink my coffee.  So he put up bamboo "fence art" and the next year put a hanging fern in front of each one.

All of the plants and flowers are in their own pot.  Each one has it's own drip water system.  The sprinklers turn themselves on every day.  Which makes it pretty easy to pack up and leave for six months (although I have some terrific friends two streets over who keep and eye on things)

We had a young man who helped with bigger projects or heavier projects.  He was a friend of the realtor.  He hung replacement light fixtures, built a garage full of cabinets, put dimmer switches everywhere, etc.  And then he left the island.

And moved to Portland!  Now he is a young single father, working as the Maintenance Supervisor at an apartment complex and still needs a little extra cash now and then.  He has his 15 month old daughter on his two days off, so I play with her while he does things that I can't do!

Two weeks in a row and my list is almost finished!!  Curtain rods, art shelves, Ikea stuff (takes me that long just to open the package!),decorative teak storage shelves over the toilet, a whole new spice rack system.  He is very reasonably priced (probably because he can bring Maddie).  The condo is really coming together now!

I have new young friend ... who is girlie!


  1. How wonderful that your 'handyman' is where you need him to be now that you're in Portland. I wish I had a handyman!

    What a cute little girl. Has she met your grandson?

  2. Photos of the new digs, please! How cool is the Maui-Portland connection?

  3. Not one single room is complete! All are started .... can you say ADD???

    Nope. Maddie and Braeden have not met. Maybe next week!